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普通人的传奇故事, 平凡人的精彩人生!在这里,我们讲述、聆听你我的人生故事,梳理我们一路走来所经历过的喜乐、忧伤、离舍、收获。我们的生命历程关乎身份认同和归属感、文化和传统、价值和理念、人性和慈悲。


异乡人 (Yi Xiang Ren) is a bilingual Podcast that brings you stories of immigrants, by immigrants – for anyone who finds resonance and inspiration. 

More than 50 million Chinese are currently living overseas, in every corner of the world, each with a story of their own. Chinese immigrants are traditionally known for their grit and perseverance, but the younger generation are also tech savvy and globally connected. Our stories reflect both intercultural experiences and trans-generational perspectives. They are personal and emotional, as well as rational and analytical.

Enjoy the stories shared by those who left their birthplaces and built homes in faraway places, stories of their life journeys — their joys and losses, their hopes and aspirations. These stories are about identity, culture, race, perspectives, and above all, HUMANITY and COMPASSION!