EP #6 第六期

未来世界需要这样的人:能够把多文化嫁接在一起,在多元化的世界里生活得游刃有余 — Will

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Will 是一个土生土长的北京人。17岁离开父母,独自去美国生活。过了十几年再回到北京的时候,已经从一个少年成长为走遍世界的国际媒体人。他的成长故事让我很受启发,而更让我感动的是他的感恩心和包容心

Will grew up in a very ordinary family in Beijing. At the age of 17, he was invited into an American family. The six years he spent with them was challenging, formative and life changing. 
Today, Will is an international journalist who covers the world with a global perspective and multicultural sensitivity.