EP #7 第七期

无论在哪个国家生活,最根本的是为人简单善良 — Jie Jie

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Jie Jie的老家在长沙,现在居住在人口不到一千的德国小镇,过着简单平淡的日子。经历过种种生活磨难和彻骨伤痛之后,Jie Jie 总能以她的善良、真诚和付出赢得温馨回报,让她不断发现世间的温暖、光亮和生机

Jie Jie, with the help of her parents, raised his son as a single mother in China. When her son became a grownup, Jie Jie dated a German gentleman and remarried. With the blessings of her son, who stays behind in China to care for his grandma, Jie Jie moved to live in Germany… Her story of family bonds is a familiar one, shared by many immigrants.